Enforcing a Judgment

How Do You Get Your Money After You Win Your Case ? You have several options once judgment is given: Examination – allows you to understand the financial circumstances of the person who owes you money by compelling them to provide a detailed disclosure of their assets and liabilities. If they refuse or fail to comply with an examination summons, […]

Wills Disputes

Unfortunately, it’s become more common for people to either: be left out of someone’s Will, or to receive a significantly smaller gift than appropriate. A family provision claim is an application to the NSW Supreme Court seeking a share or, a larger share, from the estate of a deceased person. These applications must be filed within 12 months of the […]

Fencing Disputes

What happens when your neighbour wants the fence replaced and wants YOU to pay the full cost? Unless the neighbour can prove you damaged the fence and it wasn’t normal deterioration over time, then the Dividing Fences Act says both Owners need to contribute equally to build “a sufficient dividing fence.” That can include a hedge acting as a barrier, […]

Personal Guarantees

Have You Personally Guaranteed a Debt? A lot of parents today are being asked by their children to act as a guarantor to their loans. You justed wanted to help them get into their own Property BUT did you understand the guarantee documents the lender was asking you to sign? In effect, if the Borrower can’t repay the loan to […]