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Family Law – Minimise the Stress

Too often, people think that when a relationship breaks down the only thing left to do is fight.

Lighthouse Law Group will:

  • negotiate a suitable settlement between you and your former partner and try to keep the sanity in a difficult situation.
  • help you protect the children from all the arguments.
  • protect you through the Court process if negotiations fail.
  • help prepare the divorce paperwork
  • help you preserve the family’s assets by minimising legal expenses

We Value You

We have established resources to ensure we understand your particular situation and the concerns you have. We have a dedicated team, headed by Elias Kyriacou who has been practising family law for 20 years, who will take the time to understand you and your situation.

We offer:

  • advice to help your particular situation
  • help to safeguard you, your children and your assets

Our aim is to help you get on with your life and make a fresh start.

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