Wills Disputes

Wills Disputes

Unfortunately, it’s become more common for people to be left out of someone’s Will, even when they should have been been noted as a beneficiary.

In situations like this, an eligible person may be entitled to make a claim on the assets (called the Estate) of the deceased person. The claim is called a Family Provision claim and you are an eligible person if you were, at the time of death:

  • the deceased’s spouse
  • living in a defacto relationship with the deceased
  • the deceased’s Child
  • the deceased’s grandchild, or living in their household, and dependent on the deceased whilst they were alive
  • in a close personal relationship with the deceased

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If you make a family provision claim, the Judge will decide who pays the legal costs. If a person is succesful, the deceased’s estate will usually pay part of the legal costs. If unsuccessful, the Judge can order you to pay the estate’s costs of defending the proceedings.

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